We started from a humble beginning in the 1960s. Our founder, Mr Pung Pek Song, peddled shoe materials on a bicycle for a livelihood. Through years of perseverance, hardship and uncompromising business ethic, this mobile street stall garnered many loyal customers and supporters. In 1970s, he decided to take up a shop space in Sims Avenue to meet the demand of its rapid growth.​ To fulfill the needs and requirement of its community, Mr Pung continued to scout for quality and innovative leather products. 

For the past decades, we have been collaborating with established and renowned international brands such as Vibram, Tarago, Tacco, Fiebing's and JR. Now our range of businesses include but are not limited to, servicing shoe makers and cobblers, shoe trade companies, supplying orthopaedic products, leather craft materials and tools.

Today, Pung Pek Song Leather Co is one of the most established leather specialist. We deal mainly in the South East Asia region and the team strives to retain and uphold our founder's spirit and passion.